CamSpec M550 Supplied to Innovative Surgical Sealent Developer


Tissuemed, a manufacturer of surgical sealant films, was recently supplied with a CamSpec M550 spectrophotometer for use in quality control and research & development. CamSpec spoke with Ian Thompson, Operations Director, to find out more about Tissuemed and how the instrument was working for them.

About Tissuemed

Tissuemed, based in Leeds, UK, is present in over thirty countries, supplying to many large medical organisations such as the NHS. Their innovative, self-adhesive surgical sealant film, TissuePatch™, is used internally in the body to prevent leaks of air, blood and fluids.  The film dissolves over time and so does not need to be removed. The result of almost twenty years’ ongoing research & development and validation, TissuePatch™ has been expertly tried, tested and perfected.

The CamSpec M550 Spectrophotometer

Ian Thompson described the M550 spectrophotometer as an “advanced yet straightforward instrument with very good consistency and reliability due to the double beam optics.”  It is a significant upgrade from their previous single beam system, which “took up a lot of time blanking and swapping samples,” a problem that Tissuemed no longer faces with the CamSpec M550.  A feature that Ian particularly liked was the simple and easy-to-use interface; “It allowed us to upgrade and continue testing without having to learn a complicated software.”

At Tissuemed, the instrument helps to automate and improve many processes within production and quality control testing.

Primarily, the CamSpec M550 is being employed for batch quality control of raw materials; the materials during processing; and of the final TissuePatch product. This ensures that the expected high standards are met by each individual product.

Ian informed us of some other uses of the M550 spectrophotometer at Tissuemed, including determination of the amount of adhesive on the film and the quantity of blue dye (within the company logo) on the film.  Lastly, the M550 is used in research & development to aid with the creation and improvement of new products, and process optimization and scale-up.

Why did you choose CamSpec?

Ian was impressed by the “thorough instrument demonstration” provided by CamSpec’s managing director, Mark Brereton, who “really knew his stuff and was able to guide us through the use and operation of the instrument - exactly how it all works.”

Another incentive was the locality of CamSpec, as they are based just down the road from Tissuemed. CamSpec’s prime position in Leeds means excellent transport links to other cities in the UK, but the team will always go the extra mile (literally) to support clients in remote areas too.

Ian commented he would "absolutely recommend CamSpec to other companies looking for quick and easy service with a personal touch."

Thank you to Ian for choosing CamSpec. Happy customers are a top priority at CamSpec, and we appreciate the time spent sharing your experience with us.

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