Reflectance sphere attachment

With integrating spheres, measurement is performed by placing the sample in front of the incident light window, and concentrating the light reflected from the sample, onto the detector using a sphere with a barium sulfate coated inside. Integrating Sphere The obtained value becomes the reflectance (relative reflectance) with respect to the reflectance of the reference standard white board, which is taken to be 100%.
When light is directed at the sample at an angle of 0°, specular reflected light exits the integrating sphere and is not detected.  As a result, only diffuse reflected light is measured.

Specular reflectance accessory.

Specular reflectance attachment

Specular reflectance accessory with a 5 degree incident angle, for the M501 or M550 spectrophotometers. This accessory measures the relative reflectance of a sample in comparison with the reflected light from an aluminium deposited plane mirror as a reference.  This accessory is used for the reflectance measurement of sample types such as metal deposited films, metal plating, and other thin films.