We manufacture the CamSpec range of UV-Vis spectrophotometers.  

Since 1986 we have manufactured, marketed  and serviced the CamSpec range of Spectrophotometers. Along with a full range of accessories, calibration standards, software packages, calibration certificates and consumable spares. We work in compliance with our ISO 9001:2015  system  which was last audited in March 2017.

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Our Story

The first CamSpec spectrophotometers were designed and manufactured at Cambridge in the United Kingdom in 1986.

The first instruments were used for testing amniotic fluid to check on the health of foetuses, and for measuring molybdenum in steel production. The only instruments in those days were the M201 Visible instrument, the M301 UV-Visible and the M302 UV-Visible which had an Auto zero function.

Today there is a full range of UV-Vis instruments including Double beam scanning, Single beam scanning and special instruments for SPF and CHROMA applications, which are used in laboratories all over the world in almost every sector you can image.

CamSpec is now based in Leeds, United Kingdom and forms part of Spectronic-CamSpec Ltd, a third-generation family business.


Key members of the Team




Sales Department

Cheryl has worked with Spectronic since 2010 as an Office Administrator and controls the sales office at CamSpec.





Mark R Brereton

Managing Director

Mark started working for Spectronic in 1986 as a service engineer working on all of the CamSpec range.  Since then, he has trained as a sales engineer, before becoming Managing Director in 2012.


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Service Manager

Paul joined Spectronic in 1992 as a senior service engineer.  He then took control of the operation of the service section in 2007.