Our Approach

We manufacture the CamSpec range of UV-Vis spectrophotometers.  

We sell and service these instruments, along with accessories, calibration standards, software packages, calibration certificates and consumable spares, all to the highest specification.  We work in compliance with our ISO 9001:2015  system  which was last audited in March 2017.

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Our Story

Our Story

Way back in 1971, two young people Jean and Eric Brereton started their business servicing UV-Vis, AA and IR spectrophotometers.  In the mid-1980s several major instrument manufacturers were asking Spectronic Services to sell and service their equipment.  One of these manufacturers was CamSpec Ltd of Cambridge.  For over 20 years we sold the CamSpec range of instruments.  In 2009 we purchased CamSpec Ltd and became Spectronic CamSpec Ltd.  We continue to manufacture and sell CamSpec instruments all over the world.  In the UK we also distribute other laboratory instruments, so we understand the needs of users and distributors and have a very broad and deep knowledge of spectrophotometry applications.

The Future

During 2020 we plan to reinvigorate the product range and broaden the applications in which our instruments are used.  We also plan to work closely with international partners to help them sell and service the instruments in their territories.  The company is now run by a second generation Mark Brereton and a third generation joined the business as a Service Engineer in 2014.  This demonstrates our long term commitment to the world of analytical instruments.

Key members of the Team


Sales Department

Cheryl has worked with Spectronic CamSpec Ltd since 2010 as an Office Administrator and controls the sales office at CamSpec.


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Mark R Brereton

Managing Director

Mark started working for Spectronic CamSpec Ltd in 1986 as a service engineer working on all of the CamSpec range.  Since then, he has trained as a sales engineer, before becoming Managing Director in 2012.

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Technical Manager

Paul joined Spectronic CamSpec Ltd in 1992 as a senior service engineer.  He then took control of the operation of the service section in 2007.


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